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Los Crasher 2018 EP Tour
22 Nov 2018 (Thu) 8:45PM - 12:00AM
The Aftermath
Lower groundfloor Sunny Building, 57-59 Wyndham St, Central, Hong Kong
A night of hard rock!
Los Crasher - hard rock 80s style & Diamond 6 - hard rock their style.

Each ticket holder will get a free copy Los Crasher's 2018 EP 'Cos I'm like no other'

BYOB - bring your own bottle.
We've got the mixer and cups!

Los Crasher
The famous hard rock band Los Crasher 2018 new album "Coz I'm Like No Other" national tour Hong Kong debut, this is the band's first performance in Hong Kong, let us join this passionate, hearty super hard rock shock wave.

The new album contains five songs, continuing LC's consistently fierce and sensitive emotions. There are Motorhead's speed punk metal fast songs, Rockabilly-style root rock music, and a soul-song slow song that challenges the oriental listening habits; the band sang a song from Hanoi Rocks (Hano Rock) The work "Taxi Driver" pays tribute to the old legendary band! Also included is the band's first instrumental music, soul guitarist Junky's big show Solo. The tacitness and explosiveness of the five people in this EP are stronger than before. Whether it is the arrangement of the genre, the expression technique or the use of various instrumental music, it is not difficult to see their ambition to explore and try!

Without being captured by this impetuous era, doing what you like to do, writing songs, is their life! For so many years as always! Now, they will refresh their records, starting from the northwest of August 8th, at least 54 cities, a five-month marathon tour, constantly challenging their creation and physical strength, with the intention of bringing bloody rock music to all parts of the country.
hard rock, Chinese band