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The Sound Of Music - Laibach live in Hong Kong 2020
22 Jan 2020 (Wed) 8:00PM - 10:00PM
North Point neighborhood will Chan Shu Kui Town Hall
210 Java Rd, North Point, Hong Kong
Ceci N'est Pas Un Concert

2014: Laibach, Hong Kong, Umbrellas.

2019: Teargas, Hong Kong, Laibach.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. Six years ago, Laibach brought us the New Cultural Revolution, and since then things can never be the same. An idea mutated, became bullet-proof. A threshold crossed, spilling over en masse and spreading like wildfire. Now, as fate would have it, Laibach will be revisiting Hong Kong on 22nd January 2020.

Tomorrow is cancelled. The new epoch belongs to the determined. The time is now. With materials from Also Sprach Zarathustra, Laibach Revisited and The Iron Sky – the Coming Race, Laibach will also be performing for Hong Kong their reinterpretations of The Sound Of Music - songs which were debuted in DPRK – drawing from a film that was based in an era on the cusp of one of the darkest episodes of recent human history, a story of flight from Das Dritte Reich invasion. These very songs were once an aegis to transcend and obfuscate that horror. With the myriad grotesque and nightmarish situations that face us in this strange and uncomfortable moment in time, we require strange and uncomfortable art made by those who have empathy and understanding. With The Sound Of Music, Laibach comes to us, holding up a mirror to a riven world. What happened in Hong Kong, stayed in Hong Kong. It is now up to us to make tomorrow happen.

Doors open 7pm for VIP ticket holders.
industrial, avant-garde