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Jazz Lunch – Shandy Gan 午間爵士音樂會: 顏培珊
15 Aug 2018 (Wed) 1:00PM - 2:00PM
Fringe Dairy
Fringe Club
2 Lower Albert Rd, Central, Hong Kong
If you work in Central, escape the hustle and bustle, come and immerse yourself in a lunchtime concert of live jazz music. As Miles Davis once said, “Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life.”
Presented by the Fringe Club as one of the programmes of “Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe” project, Jazz Lunch showcases an impressive jazz combo in the classy setting of the Fringe Dairy. The combo includes professional jazz musicians and young emerging talents who all appreciate the opportunity to gain exposure, showcase their musicianship and improve their skills.
From July to August, singer-songwriter Shandy Gan will be sharing her jazz music, joined by her musician friends.

如你在中環上班,想暫時逃離繁忙的工作,來藝穗會欣賞一沉醉於爵士的世界。正如爵士大師邁爾士戴維斯(Miles Davis) 所說: 「爵士可以沖走每天生活中的塵埃。」
由藝穗會主辦,午間爵士音樂會是「Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe」的節目之一,讓資深及年輕的爵士樂手可於充滿爵士情調的奶庫演出。

Wed 18 July 1PM
Shandy has invited Jazz Master Ted Lo (piano) for a duo performance.
7月18日(三) 1PM

Shandy Gan

The debut single by singer-songwriter Shandy Gan, “I remember the…”, was used at the end of every episode of Season 4 of the popular TV drama “iPartment” in China. Her debut EP, “To Bossa”, from which the single was taken, was released in 2014 and was well received, especially within the Bossa Nova genre.

Also in 2014, Shandy made her debut film appearance, playing a cameo role in the Hong Kong indie movie “Dot 2 Dot”, a nostalgic piece tracking the changes in the city from the 1970s to today. Four of her songs, including her cover of “Early Train 早班火車” by the legendary rock band Beyond, were used on the film’s soundtrack. She has been very active at music events, performing at Hong Kong Cyclethon 2015, MINI Cooper MINI Live 2015 and the Strawberry Music Festival Beijing, and had her first mini-tour to Tokyo in 2016. Shandy is signed to Sony Music Hong Kong, and is one of the members of the company’s singer-songwriter platform, “O.U.R. Works”.

顏培珊 (Shandy)

Shandy是Sony Music 唱作人平台『平原習作』的成員。2014年推出首張個人專輯《To Bossa芭莎的奇想曲》,以她喜愛的Bossa Nova音樂為主幹,派台及上榜作品包括《小瓜》、《Cold Cold Night (夜凉涼)》及《太陽》等。同年,她為訴說香港情懷的獨立電影『點對點』客串演出,並主唱電影配樂的其中四首歌曲,包括重新演繹Beyond的《早班火車》及主題曲《點點對點》。其出道作品《i remember the…》更成為國內人氣電視劇『愛情公寓』第四季片尾曲。

Shandy活躍於各大小音樂節,包括2015香港單車節、天台音樂節、MINI Cooper MINI Live 2015、北京草莓音樂節,及演出場地,包括Orange Peel、Peel Fresco、Visage、呼吸咖啡、{sfs} café及Lost Star Livehouse等。Shandy喜歡的音樂類型由流行、爵士、古典到世界音樂,亦熱愛與不同國籍的音樂人交流演出。2015年,Shandy與歌手陳柏宇合唱Bossa Nova風格的《走到尾》,歌曲收錄於他的專輯《Escape》(2015),更在他的新碟發佈音樂會中擔任演出嘉賓。2016年,Shandy與另一唱作人好友黃靖舉行東京小巡演。最近,Shandy積極籌備創作及灌錄新專輯作品。閒時她喜愛旅行、電影、文字、咖啡、吃喝玩樂和發掘新鮮事。


You are welcome to bring your own lunch.
Cash bar will be opened during event. We will also serve simple food such as sandwiches, cakes and fruit cups.
Admission will be started 30 minutes before show time.
Please present the printed tickets/ e-tickets for admission at the door.
40 seats plus standing spaces. Seats are first-come-first-served.

“Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe” is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

The content of these programmes does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Hong Kong Fringe Club reserves the right to change the programmes and performers

Fringe Club (852) 2521 7251



「Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe」獲香港特別行政區政府


藝穗會票房 (852) 2521 7251