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自由約 Freespace Happening (13.1.2019)
13 Jan 2019 (Sun) 2:00PM - 7:15PM
West Kowloon Cultural District
West Kowloon Cultural District, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
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音樂舞台當然少不了本地和海外音樂人的蹤影。三人組合Cris Derksen Trio從加拿大遠道而來,音樂糅合古典、當代及原住民元素,風格別樹一幟。本地薑方面,以爵士器樂演奏見稱的五重奏Mo-Men-T將與人聲組合Experimental Vocal Ensemble聯合炮製多首新編作品,於自由約首度公開演出。還有樂隊DAVID BORING、Dusty Bottle、Winter Bagels 、The Seekers,以及太陽能音響系統HK.SolarSoundSystem的多位DJ輪番獻藝,將全場氣氛推至巔峰!

另一邊廂,WE Dance請來熱力四射的日本當代舞團「東京鷹」,向大家介紹新派盆踊舞,在傳統夏祭舞蹈基礎上加入日常生活動作及互動元素,即使是舞蹈新手,也可以輕易掌握,伴隨音樂歡快起舞。「東京鷹」更會帶來糅合各種戲劇元素、充滿喜感的當代舞作品,顛覆觀眾對於舞者及舞蹈的刻板印象。

好地方工作室A nice place to以「拉闊想像」為主題,除舉辦常設的「自由生活市集」外,亦會聯同走杯 GO CUP及良食好生活帶來「共享野餐桌:認識良食」,透過分享及小遊戲,讓我們在2019年建立「惜食」好習慣。「捕夢網工作坊」導師將暢談築夢故事、分享好夢經驗,同時讓你挑選適合自己的素材創作捕夢網;「拇指琴工作坊」則教授大家循環再用廢棄木材的妙法,簡單製作古非洲樂器Kalimba,並一同合奏。


動物亦是這片土地的主人。Hong Kong Bird Watching Society 香港觀鳥會的「雀鳥天堂面面觀」攤位將介紹香港的觀鳥熱點,並帶來專業級的望遠鏡,讓你體驗觀鳥大樂趣!保護動物慈善協會LAP (Lifelong Animal Protection Charity)的領養狗狗亦會現身「自由約」,以互動形式向小朋友傳遞與動物相處的小貼士。

On Sunday 13 January, wrap up warm and join us to welcome the new year with live music, dance, fun workshops and more at Freespace Happening in the West Kowloon Art Park.

On stage we have an exciting feast of local and international music. Flying in from Canada are the Cris Derksen Trio, a music ensemble that knit together indigenous, classical and contemporary sounds with urban elements. From Hong Kong we have DAVID BORING, Dusty Bottle, Winter Bagels and The Seekers, plus avant-garde jazz quintet Mo-Men-T, who team up with the Experimental Vocal Ensemble for an emotive set of newly arranged songs. Not to be missed is the solar and human kinetic energy-powered HK.SolarSoundSystem, back with a completely new DJ line-up.

To chase away the winter chill, the afternoon’s WE Dance workshops and performance, led by the quirky, colourful Condors Dance Company, offer an offbeat take on the traditional Japanese folk dance bon-odori that is sure to keep you up and dancing and help break the ice with strangers! The wacky bunch also have a lively performance up their sleeves, so make sure you don't miss out!

The new year is a good time to make a fresh start, so what better place to do that than at A nice place to, where the theme for this month is Open Mind and Open Space. If you’d like to learn about healthy eating and how to reduce food waste, head over to the “Open Picnic: Eat Well”, where our partners 走杯 GO CUP and Eat Well, Live Well present sharing and games to help you and your little ones learn fun facts about food!

If you want to get creative, you can weave together your wishes and hopes for the new year at our Dreamcatcher Workshop, or make your own musical instrument at the Thumbiano Workshop.

This month, the House of Hong Kong Literature presents the new programme “Personality Readings”, with a short quiz and literature readings that will help you uncover your hidden character. You can also cosy up on the lawn with an adopted or borrowed book at the Reading on the Grass book-crossing or pick up a poetry-inspired charm at the Literature Gachapon capsule vending machine.

Animal lovers can join the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society 香港觀鳥會’s introduction to the city’s best birding hotspots and learn about local endangered species, or visit the staff from LAP (Lifelong Animal Protection Charity) and learn how to communicate with our four-legged friends!

免費入場 Free admission
部份工作坊須預先登記 Registration applicable to selected workshops

項目夥伴 Programme Partners
香港展能藝術會 Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong
A nice place to
Hong Kong Bird Watching Society 香港觀鳥會
LAP (Lifelong Animal Protection Charity)
We-use 餐具租用

支持單位 Supported by
Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong & Macao/Consulat général du Canada

WE Dance 合作夥伴 Collaborating Partner
Unlock Dancing Plaza
CUHK Modern Dance Society
WAO Singers
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