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4 Jul 2020 (Sat) 2:30PM - 5:05PM
In the poetry of music, dare to explore the state of endlessness and the abundance beyond boundaries.


Line Up

Music Genre

2:30pm – 3:05pm

Sea Island & Ferry

Neo-chamber ensemble

3:30pm – 4:05pm

per se

Poetic Pop

4:30pm – 5:05pm

MUKZI x Moon


Sea Island & Ferry
Formed in 2016 with an eclectic mix of instruments, Sea Island & Ferry is a "neo-chamber ensemble" from Hong Kong. Featuring both originals and covers in their repertoire, Sea Island & Ferry puts emphasis on improvisational elements as well as breathing space in their music. The location of its members in the culturally diverse city of Hong Kong has enabled the group to have this unique combination of instruments, and to come across the very themes that inspired their work.

The group released its first album Crossings in January 2018, and held its first crowdfunded multi-media performance in April, titled Crossings - Music X Films presented by Sea Island & Ferry. Both shows were sold out and warmly received by the audience.

Starting at the end of 2018, Sea Island & Ferry started venturing out of Hong Kong, first with their Crossings IN TAIWAN tour in Taipei, Taichung and Tainan The group played in the Sakurazaka Asylum festival in Okinawa, as well as Macau in 2019.

Sea Island & Ferry will release a new album titled Telescope in May 2020. Featuring 9 songs, the album will be available on streaming, CD, and vinyl for the first time.

Sea Island & Ferry are:
Arnold Fang on Piano
Kayne Ho on Xiao
Lawrence Man on Saxophone
Tim Tong on Cello

per se
per se is a music duo composed of music talents: Stephen Mok and Sandy Ip. The name means intrinsic or in itself, which reflects their music being just music without the limitations and burdens of genre or style.

They released their debut EP in 2013 and have since released multiple concept albums such as《Conundrum》in 2016 &《ends》 in 2018) revolving around the puzzles of life and different ends.

Last year, per se released concept album《Ripples, reflections and everything in between》to discuss the differences of how each person views and values time using historical events as song inspirations. Coinciding with this project, songs were released on the same day as the historic events using a Calendar as a method of delivery.

Throughout the years, per se has performed at music festivals such as Clockenflap (HK) and Strawberry Music Festival (SH) and have been nominated for Best Overseas Artist by GMA (TW) and CASH Best Arrangement and Best Group Performance (HK).

Currently, per se are engaged in their new project using fairytales of old to investigate human nature and just released the first single off this project《無窮》is based on the story of The Fisherman and The Fish.

MUKZI x Moon

MUKZI ( 木子 muk6 zi2 ), a moniker derived from the singer/songwriter & producer’s surname meaning “the children of trees“.

Born in 1995, Hong Kong, then raised in Hong Kong and Beijing, China, the singer/songwriter started his music career as a busker after dropping out from university.

He debuted as the frontman of Hong Kong indie band PHOON with their self-titled album with a sold out release show in 2018.

MUKZI then debuted his first single “ISLAND” in March 2019, selling out yet another show.

He started his own independent label MELON YEAH RECORDS and formed the band THE ISLAND in 2018 with his friends to perform his original material as MUKZI & THE ISLAND the same year.

With a sonic palette ranging from hearty folk ballads to urban acoustic R&B, his music dwells with genuine emotions and pop sensibility throughout, the breeze and down to earth vibe from MUKZI’s music and performances are sure to capture your hearts and plant an earworm in you.

Past performances and venues MUKZI performed at include:

Clockenflap, The Weekend by Wow and Flutter, Wakeup Festival (Taiwan), Winder Festival (Taiwan), Macpherson Stadium, West Kowloon Cultural District, AsiaWorld-Expo, Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, This Town Needs, Hidden Agenda, MOM Livehouse, Revolver (Taiwan), SD Livehouse (Guangzhou) etc.

Moon Tang

Moon Tang, a Thai-Chinese singer-songwriter hailing from Hong Kong. After winning first runner up in the Hong Kong Supernova 2017, Moon began her music career and has been active in performing arts ever since.

The following year as a committee member of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University 37th Polyarts Acoustic Music Society Moon took up the mantle of co-director for the annual performance and was well-received.

In 2020, Moon’s cover of 《傾城》 for the microfilm 《霓虹黯色 - 微電影》 by HongKongNeonLights gained traction and is currently viewed more than 130,000 times on YouTube.

Music has been an escape for Moon to express freely and honestly. Come get lost in her curious world.





2:30pm – 3:05pm



3:30pm – 4:05pm

per se


4:30pm – 5:05pm

木子 x Moon





自2018年底,「海島小輪」開始進行海外演出,於台北、台中、台南等地進行 Crossings IN TAIWAN 巡演。2019年更參與沖繩舉行的Sakurazaka ASYLUM 音樂節,並前往澳門演出。


Arnold Fang(鋼琴)
Kayne Ho(洞簫)
Lawrence Man(色士風)
Tim Tong(大提琴)


per se
per se 是一隊詩式流行二人組合,由 Stephen Mok 與 Sandy Ip 組成。「per se」一詞在拉丁文中解釋為「根本、內在的」,是他們創作音樂的態度:「透過聲音、文字、影像讓原創音樂自我解釋。」

近年他們獲邀到上海草莓音樂節和本地大型音樂節Clockenflap表演。per se更獲得第九屆金音獎最佳海外創作獎、《2018 CASH金帆音樂獎》最佳樂隊演繹及最佳編曲三個提名。

於 2013 年推出首張同名 EP 的 per se,隨後分別於 2016 年及 2018 年推出兩張概念專輯:《Conundrum》和 《ends》;分別探討了生命中的「難題」和「完結」,當中以《ends》裡面收錄的廣東歌《家變》、《親愛的幽靈》、《天空塌下前》更為大眾所認識 。去年,per se 以月曆方式推出與時間/日子相關的新計劃《Ripples, reflections and everything in between》,以不同的歷史事件探討如何運用錯綜複雜的「時間」。

今年,per se 將推出以多個童話故事作題材的新計劃,用不同角色來探討人性,剛推出《無窮》的單曲靈感則來 自《漁夫和金魚的故事》 。

木子 x Moon


木子 (MUKZI),為香港唱作人及製作人,出生於香港,在香港和北京長大,大學輟學後轉到街頭賣唱從此與音樂結緣。

2018年以獨立樂隊 PHOON 主音/結他手身分出道,作品曾多次登上香港各電台排行榜,同年的《PHOON》同名專輯專場演出更是一票難求。


更以發布單曲為契機成立獨立音樂廠牌 MELON YEAH RECORDS 及組成協助現場演出的島嶼樂隊 (THE ISLAND)。




舞台經驗豐富,過往演出包括:Clockenflap、The Weekend by Wow and Flutter、台灣覺醒音樂祭、台灣發條音樂節、麥花臣場館、西九文化區、機場博覽館、九龍灣國際展覽中心、This Town Needs、Hidden Agenda、MOM Livehouse、台灣 Revolver、廣州 SD Livehouse 等本地及國際性的音樂節和場地演出。


Moon Tang ,為出生於香港的中泰混血唱作人,現在正修讀傳意設計。2017年於全港中學生歌唱比賽Supernova中獲得亞軍,成為投身音樂行業的契機。翌年加入香港理工大學綜合演藝社,成為第37屆演藝社成員,積極鑽研原音音樂,更於周年音樂劇場擔任副導演。今年更為《霓虹黯色-微電影》翻唱經典歌曲《傾城》,YouTube點擊率已超過13萬。

Neo-chamber ensemble, Poetic Pop, singer-songwriter, free admission