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18 May 2019 (Sat) 2:30PM - 5:15PM
Designated Saturday of each month, an exciting line-up of established and up-and-coming Hong Kong musicians will gather at Tai Kwun’s Laundry Steps to offer an afternoon of light-hearted music. Curated by singer-songwriter Vicky Fung, an avid promoter of Cantopop, these Saturday afternoons will showcase the best of Hong Kong’s jazz, pop, independent and world music, where you will revisit and discover the musical talents of our city at the unique heritage site of Tai Kwun.

THEME OF THE WEEK: Moments in Traverse
Winter Bagels (Folk / Acoustic Pop)
Angelita Li/Patrick Lui/Wilson Lam Trio (Jazz)
per se (Poetic Pop)

Winter Bagels
Winter Bagels is an acoustic-pop girl band formed in Jan 2016, Kaki and Cup are both lead vocalist and guitarist. "Everyone is a bagel": having a heart with simplicity, born to be genuine. Winter-borns decided to form a group in this cold season, using our music to fill up emptiness inside hearts. Enjoy our music like the special toppings on the bagel.

In 2016, the duo released their debut EP "Winter Bagels", bringing their EP to Eastern Europe for summer busking. After the trip, they have continued to participate in local music events actively including Jockey Club Street Music Series, Freespace Happening, Musik11,"Ear Up" record label creation and incubation program, etc.

Angelita Li/Patrick Lui/Wilson Lam Trio
This Jazz Trio is formed by Angelita Li on vocals, Patrick Lui on Keys and Wilson Lam on guitar. They are all active on Hong Kong jazz music scene.

Angelita Li is a local jazz singer. She started to sing for TV commercials at the age of nine. In 1991, she was the backing vocals of Beyond Concert and has lived in Bangkok and Los Angeles to perform and tour with jazz and samba band as opening act for the band concert and backing vocals for famous artists. After returning to Hong Kong, she has released a Canto-Jazz album “Mi” and recorded an album for Stunt, a Danish Jazz label. She was the backing vocals in the concert of Sally Yeh, George Lam, Faye Wong, Khalil Fong etc. and was invited to perform in many international and local jazz festivals. Eugene Pao is one of the jazz musicians she always works with.

Patrick Lui is an award-winning pianist, keyboardist, composer, arranger, and producer. He has performed around the world and appeared in different music festivals. Patrick was the winner of the Taichung Jazz Piano Competition and a semi-finalist at the Bucharest International Jazz Competition. His compositions and arrangements have received performances under the direction of Grammy nominee Dr. Gene Aiken. Patrick also contributed to the score for movies, television programs and theatrical works for Hong Kong Dance Company. A frequent collaborator with local band RubberBand, the album Easy, which they co-produced, was awarded the prestigious ‘Album Of The Year’ by Commercial Radio Hong Kong. Patrick travelled to New York City in June 2018 and recorded a jazz big band album of his own compositions and arrangements at the renowned Systems Two Recording Studio. The band consists of all New York-based jazz musicians, featuring Alex Sipiagin on two songs. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by two-time Grammy award winner Mike Marciano.

Wilson Lam
Graduated from Berklee College of Music (BA) in 2003, Wilson studied guitar performance and composition with Mick Goodrick & Yakov Gubanov. He then studied film scoring with Sonny Kompanek at New York University and received his Master of Arts in 2005. Returning to Hong Kong in 2007, Wilson has been active in the music industry and participating in various activities, which include but not limit to arranging, media scoring, jazz guitar performance and teaching.

per se
per se is a music duo composed of music talents: Stephen Mok and Sandy Ip. The name means “intrinsic or in itself”, which reflects their music being just music without the limitations and burdens of genre or style.

In recent years, per se played at Hong Kong music festival Clockenflap and was nominated for Taiwan’s Golden Indie Music Awards “Overseas composer awards”.


Winter Bagels (民謠 / 原音)
李安琪/雷柏熹/林知秋三重奏 (爵士樂)
per se (詩式流行)

Winter Bagels
Winter Bagels 是一支以acoustic pop為主要風格的女子樂隊。成員Kaki、Cup 都是主音兼結他手。她們同樣在冬天出生,在一個冬季決定為自己加上更精彩的味道,於2016年初組成Winter Bagels。「Everyone is a bagel. 」每個人生而平實簡單,卻可隨個人喜好加上不同調味,以各自的方式細味生活日常,用音樂填補心中的洞。她們主張於生活取材,從微細到遠大的題材逐步發掘更多可能性。

2016年推出首張同名專輯《Winter Bagels》,續8月到東歐街頭賣藝,將其原創廣東歌帶到歐洲,回港後繼續活躍於本地音樂演出,包括:「賽馬會街頭音樂系列」、Freespace Happening、 Musik11、「搶耳音樂廠牌計劃」,等等。

這爵士三重奏由本地女歌手李安琪(Angelita Li)、集鋼琴手、鍵盤手、作曲家、編曲家以及監製於一身的雷柏熹及結他手林知秋組成,他們都是活躍於本地爵士圈的音樂人。

李安琪(Angelita Li)是本地爵士樂女歌手。九歲起開始參與電視廣告歌演唱。1991年任Beyond演唱會和唱,曾旅居曼谷及洛杉磯,與不同爵士樂隊和森巴組合合作並巡迴演出,為著名樂隊或歌手暖場或和唱。 回港後,出版過中文爵士樂唱片《迷》,合作樂手包括包以正。之後又替歐洲爵士品牌Stunt灌錄個人大碟。多年來為葉倩文、林子祥、王菲、方大同等歌手擔任和唱工作。並曾獲邀參與多個國際及香港爵士樂音樂節。

雷柏熹曾到世界各地演出並出席多個大型音樂節作表演嘉賓。雷柏熹曾贏得台中爵士鋼琴比賽,又於羅馬尼亞的布加勒斯特國際爵士樂比賽中進入準決賽。他曾為本地及海外的爵士大樂團作曲及編曲,其作品曾於格林美獎提名人Gene Aiken博士指揮下公演。雷柏熹亦為電影、電視節目和香港舞蹈團的製作提供配樂及原創音樂。流行音樂方面,雷柏熹常與本地樂隊RubberBand合作,包括合作監製的大碟《Easy》,於叱咤樂壇流行榜頒獎典禮獲商業電台頒發「至尊唱片大獎」。雷柏熹於二〇一八年六月到紐約著名錄音室Systems Two Recording Studio灌錄了自己作曲及改編作品的爵士大樂團專輯。團員全為紐約本地爵士樂手,並邀得小號大師Alex Sipiagin為兩首曲目作客席演奏。專輯的錄音、混音及母帶 後期製作均由兩屆格林美獎得主Mike Marciano包辦。

2003年畢業於 Berklee College of Music (BA), 師從 Mick Goodrick、Yakov Gubanov 學習吉他及作曲。其後往 New York University 跟隨 Sonny Kompanek 攻讀電影配樂,2005年獲碩士學位 (MA)。2007年回港,至今活躍於編曲、配樂、爵士吉他演奏與教學。

per se
詩式流行二人組合 per se 由Stephen Mok與Sandy Ip組成。「per se」一詞在拉丁文中解釋為「根本、內在的」,是他們創作音樂的態度:「透過聲音、文字、影像讓原創音樂自我解釋。」

folk, acoustic pop, jazz, poetic pop, free admission