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Afternoon Series - Yau Kwan-lam & Friends 邱君琳與友人
8 Jun 2020 (Mon) 12:45PM - 1:45PM
22 Jun 2020 (Mon) 12:45PM - 1:45PM
Yau Kwan-lam & Friends
Chinese Instrumental

Performances: 08.06 & 22.06.2020

The instrument brought from somewhere west of China by Zhang Qian in Han Dynasty (206 -220 BC) was commonly regarded as the origin of dizi. Dizi has a bright lyrical sound and is often used to describe vivid scenes. The concerts on Jun 8 & 22 feature music hand-picked by young dizi player Yau Kwan-lam with respectively two themes “Postcard of Scenery” & “Dizi x Dizi” that showcase the unique playing techniques of dizi, such as circular breathing and imitation of birdsongs, together with the sound of guzheng, percussion, xiao and sheng. Audience can enjoy a wide range of dizi music.

08.06.2020 Concert I: Postcards of Scenery
Performed by Yau Kwan-lam (Dizi & Xiao), Grammy Yeung (Guzheng) & Sylvia Tam (Percussion)

22.06.2020 Concert II: Dizi x Dizi
Performed by Yau Kwan-lam (Dizi & Xiao), Kwok Chun Hei (Dizi & Xiao) & Xiang Yong Qi (Sheng)

About the artists

Yau Kwan-lam is currently a student of University of Hong Kong (HKU) and RTHK’s Young Music Maker 2019. She has won a number of dizi competitions, including the Bronze Prize of the 3rd Songting Cup and the Silver Prize of the 1st Songting Cup National Dizi Competition. She studies dizi with Sun Yong-zhi and is a player of Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra (HKYCO) and Hong Kong Music Lover Chinese Orchestra (HKMLCO).

Yau’s music partners are either current student or graduate of The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. Grammy Yeung is graduate student with a major in guzheng performance. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from HKU and was RTHK’s Young Music Makers 2017. Sylvia Tam is a core member of the Hong Kong Chinese drum team Refiner Drums. She was awarded the Best Drummer (Creative Presentation Section) in the 16th Hong Kong Synergy 24 Drum Competition in 2018. Kwok Chun-hei is the dizi principal of the HKYCO and the Gold Prize winner of the 1st Tongying Cup and 3rd Songting Cup national dizi competitions. Xiang Yong Qi is a sheng player of HKMLCO. She has interned for Windpipe Chinese Ensemble and has been awarded a number of scholarships.

Yau Kwan-lam (Dizi & Xiao)

Grammy Yeung (Guzheng)
Sylvia Tam (Percussion)
Kwok Chun Hei (Dizi & Xiao)
Xiang Yong Qi (Sheng)



演出日期:08.06, 22.06.2020

西漢張騫通西域時傳入橫吹,普遍認為是笛子的前身。笛子音色明亮具歌唱性,能夠生動的描繪情景,亦可模仿大自然的景象。香港青年笛子樂手邱君琳將分別於 6 月 8及 22 日以「情.景」與「雙管齊下」為主題,與多年來合作無間的友人演奏相關作品。節目展現笛子的獨特技巧,例如模仿雀鳥和循環換氣等等。笛子可再細分為梆笛、曲笛和大笛,音色大小各有不同,透過和簫、笙、古箏、敲擊等傳統樂器合奏,大家可一聽笛子音樂的多個不同面貌。

08.06.2020 音樂會一:情.景

22.06.2020 音樂會二:雙管齊下



與邱氏一同演出的樂手均是香港演藝學院的學生或畢業生。楊程皓現於香港演藝學院修讀碩士課程,主修古箏,她為香港大學音樂系畢業生及2017 年香港電台樂壇新秀。譚詩蔚為赤煉鼓樂團的主要成員,於2018年第16屆香港活力鼓令24式擂台賽中獲頒最佳鼓手獎(自由式組)。郭栒曦現為香港青年中樂團笛子聲部首席,更於杭州首屆「銅音杯」及首屆「松庭龍吟」全國竹笛邀請賽獲金獎。吹奏笙的向詠琦在學期間多次獲頒獎學金,為香港愛樂民樂團團員,曾為香港竹韻小集實習生。





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