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14th Year Anniversary Party
21 Apr 2018 (Sat) 6:00PM - 12:00AM
THE HUB Hong Kong
1/F, Fortune Building, 150-158 Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
We’re celebrating 14 years of supporting the live music scene in Hong Kong with an extra long show with some of the greatest Hong Kong musicians currently performing. We’ll also have some cool and funky prizes to win in a lucky draw. Grab your advance tickets – they go on sale first week of March 2018.

Mr. Rocket Head 火箭頭先生樂團
Mr Rocket Head is a Canto-Rock Ballads band based in Hong Kong. Their debut EP <繁華背後> and EP <不存在記憶> were released in 2014 and 2016.
Mr Rocket Head has participated in hundreds of local and oversea gigs and music festivals including Wow and Flutter music festival (Hong Kong), Wakeup Festival (Taiwan) etc. They are now preparing for their next album.

The Stay Up
Ryan Hui was born and raised in Hong Kong until the age of 14 when he left for the US to attend high school and university in San Diego, California. While living in San Diego, Ryan played with in several groups and formed the punk-rock band One Foot Forward. The band released several CDs, toured, and was signed to Substant Recordings International.
In 2004 Ryan returned to Hong Kong to continue his music career playing sold out shows for Sam Hui and his 2005-2010 world tours. In 2006 he worked with Creep Entertainment and released two EPs “開竅” and “Transformer.” In 2014 Ryan independently released the “Upstart” vinyl record and in June 2016 released his “Wake Up!” EP.
Ryan has had several singles including “Wake Up”, “Upstart”, “天生一對”, “天下不亂”, and “開竅” make it onto Commercial Radio, Metro Radio, and RTHK charts as well as promoted in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and China. Currently Ryan is performing under the name The Stay Up in both Hong Kong and China while songwriting for other artists/TV/movie projects and is working on his next release for 2018.
許懷欣在香港出生及長大,在他14歲時,到了美國加利福尼亞州聖地亞哥升讀高中和大學。在這段時期,懷欣與當地不同的音樂家一同演出,及組成了朋克搖滾樂隊One Foot Forward。樂隊與Substant唱片公司簽約並發行了數張專輯及作巡迴
表演。在2004年,懷欣回到香港繼續他的音樂事業,並參與了每場門票皆售罄的許冠傑演唱會和他的2005-2013年世界巡迴演唱會。2006年,他與埼立娛樂合作製作並發佈了兩張迷你專輯「開竅」 和 「Transformer」。同時期,懷欣推出了多首單曲,包括商業電台,新城電台及香港電台上榜歌「Wake Up」「天生一對」和「Upstart」 ,亦在香港,新加坡,馬來西亞及中國等地區作唱片宣傳。

Nowhere Boys
香港Frenzi Music旗下樂隊。 五個性格、 音樂背景及風格截然不同的人, 融合著各人所長的音樂領域, 拼湊出瘋狂嶄新「電影式」搖滾曲風。 Nowhere Boys於2015年成立, 成員包括唱作人Van Chan、 爵士鼓手Nate Wong、 結他專家Kenneth Angus、 琴手/小提琴手Fisher Kan和全能樂手Hansun Chan。 出道二年多, 足跡已踏遍香港各音樂場地,包括大型活動如Slide the City Hong Kong、 Wow And Flutter、 西九文化區自由約及Dr. Martens Stand For Something等, 亦在東莞、廣州等中國城市巡演。 2015年中自資製作了首張同名EP, 推出首個星期已打入iTunes排名榜頭十位。 2016年推出第二張專輯《Welcome To Our Hyperrealty》, 深入探討以「超現實」為概念的「電影式」搖滾樂之可能性, 將天馬行空的故事電影化, 以音符呈現不同戲劇畫面 。 最新專輯《月光寶盒亦》於2017年10月推出,並於Music Zone舉行了首個全場爆滿大型售票音樂會。 電台上榜作品包括 《逃出阿卡拉》、 《普通華》、 《麥克折射線》、 《天外飛仙》、 《夕陽武士》 及 《地心吸力》 等。
Formed in 2015, Nowhere Boys is a group of independent musicians collaborating with each other in search of a new cinematic rock sound. Members include singer-songwriter Van Chan, jazz drummer Nate Wong, guitar expert Kenneth Angus, psychedelic pianist/ violinist Fisher Kan and all-round bassist/ instrumentalist Hansun Chan. Their music covers a wide range of dramatic stories – from fairy tales to science fictions. They recently released their third album, “Pandora’s Box”, in which they further explored the possibilities of cinematic cantopop compositions.

Laura Kenny
Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Laura has been resident in Hong Kong for 10 years.
She performs regular gigs around the city and in 2014 released her first single and music video ‘Fallen Soldier’, a song which gained a semi-final award in three categories in the UK Song Writing Contest 2015. She has performed live on Hong Kong TV and radio, has also written songs for the Hong Kong based American a capella group, Metro Vocal Group, and more recently was commissioned to write songs for the marketing campaigns of Jones Lang LaSalle and the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation.

22 Cats
A rock band founded in 2002. Many shows played and 3 records released and what’s next?
A new record coming out this summer~

Still Minds
Still Minds is the result of Tony and Adrian’s (Cry, Audiotraffic) musical ambitions colliding.
Having first met as members of a cover band, they soon realized their similar experience, tastes and talent could create something special. After writing a handful of songs together, it wasn’t until the addition of Masaki (Audiotraffic, Closer) that the music really began to flourish and take flight. And now with Noriko (DJ Star) on bass, Still Minds has sculpted a sound that is firmly grounded in its rock and pop roots, but offers something a little different.
Adrian da Silva – Vocals and guitar
Issac So – Guitar
Noriko Watanabe – Bass
Masaki Heung – Drums

Kongo is a guitarist and composer known for his fusion concepts. To celebrate The Underground Anniversary he will assemble a line-up of superb musicians from the Hong Kong music scene for a one-time performance. Expect to hear sounds resembling rock, blues, funk and fusion.
rock, pop