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紫在乎你 慈善音樂嘉年華 (Day 2)
30 Dec 2018 (Sun) 12:00PM - 9:00PM
Zero Carbon World
8 Sheung Yuet Rd, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
See off 2018 with a weekend of fun the whole family will love at a spectacular two-day festival hosted by Zero Carbon Building and Enlighten - Action for Epilepsy,香港啟迪會, two important Hong Kong organisations joining for their inaugural charity event on December 29 and 30, 2018 in Kowloon Bay.
After the party kicks off with an opening ceremony at 2pm on Saturday, there’s a Drum-Jam led by the vivacious talents of star percussionist Kumi Masunaga, followed by Aspire Music school, Sidick Lam 史迪 林, Johnny Lau, a hip-hop performance by rapper
Cho Lewis, a spectacular LED show from flow artist 麗兒LaiYeeee then dynamic shows by singer 符致逸 Adrian Fu and rising rock group Andy is Typing...

Ben Tully Music leads Sunday's schedule, followed by
J-pop group Otome Syndream (乙女シンドリーム - 乙女新夢), paving the way for a magic show by DON WONG 王日朗 and more indie talent in the afternoon from Moonwood HK, Ewan Ho & 牧民 Movement, Acoufunkture & CircleGuitar. The evening is all rock with Strange Lives, Carrier帶菌者 and Tri-Accident finally bringing the curtain down on the weekend in a loud style.

The first of its kind in Hong Kong, the groundbreaking Zero Carbon Building was designed to meet the challenges of climate change in urban living, while Enlighten is Hong Kong’s foremost charity focused on the 70,000 Hongkongers living with epilepsy and their families. Together, they host this carnival to raise awareness of their causes and positively impact a diverse range of communities in the city.

Alongside a full programme of entertainment, there’ll be a market of 16 food and craft stalls to refuel or pick up a unique gift. Entry is FREE for everyone and travel to Megabox is FREE from Kowloon Bay MTR via shuttle buses. Get a gang together and come on down for a thrilling event to support two vital local organisations.

大家可以在2018年最後幾天舉家大小參與零碳天地與香港啟迪會合辦,於九龍灣舉行的兩天慈善嘉年華 “零碳x啟迪 紫在乎你 慈善音樂嘉年華 2018”。

節日於星期六下午兩點開幕後,會先由天才橫溢的Kumi Masunaga帶領一個鼓樂圈,跟著有Aspire Music School,史迪林,Johnny Lau,和饒舌歌手李祖南的嘻哈表演,然後是繩子舞蹈家麗兒的LED光演,歌手符致逸的搶耳演出,和搖滾樂隊Andy Is Typing…。

星期日的演出項目由Ben Tully 開場,跟著是J-pop樂隊乙女新夢,隨之而來是王日朗的魔術表演。然後是獨立音樂樂隊Moonwood,Ewan Ho、Acoufunkture 牧民和 CircleGuitar。晚上就盡是搖滾的天下,包括Strange Lives,帶菌者和Tri-Accident,以高音量來完結這個週末。

acoustic, j-pop, rock, free admission