Jay Tse 謝孝忠

synthesizer, guitar
Hong Kong
Jay Tse (謝孝忠) @ Life Was All Silence
Jay Tse 是香港音樂人、唱片混音師與聲音工程師,他從2009年開始為眾多音樂會和商業活動作聲音工程師。自2012 年,他加入了香港獨立樂隊 Life Was All Silence ,以結他和合成器作演出。他亦以模組合成器作個人演出。
除了音樂人的身份外,他也致力參與香港獨立樂隊唱片與歌曲錄製與混音工作。曾合作的獨立樂隊和音樂人 如 DAVID BORING, tfvsjs , GDJYB 雞蛋蒸肉餅 , SoundTube 聲音試管 , Yuki Lovey 等。
.最近也參與了由鼓手 Anton Fung 發起的音樂錄像計劃 Project Keep Pushing 的現場錄音與後期混音製作

Jay Tse ,a sound engineer & musician based in Hong Kong.He started to work in the field as sound engineer from 2009 in numbers of music performances & commercial events. In 2012 , he joined a local instrumental music band “Life Was All Silence” as synthesizer & guitarist. On the other hand, he performs with modular synthesizer for his solo performance. Besides, he
contributed on music recording & mixing for moving images but also varies music group eg.Life Was All Slience,David Boring, tfvsjs,GDJYB & Fiona Lee,etc. Recently , he joined the Music & Film production Project Keep Pushing as Live Recording & Mixing Sound Engineer.

Electronic music is one of his inspirations for compositing different texture of sound. For the reason that he made cutting edge analogue sound infused with charming improvising music,expanding the sound of space.

(quoted from gig details)


Past Gigs

集氣之前 - 大城真 與 Jay Tse |Sound 羊 小型演出與分享會

29 Dec 2018 (Sat) 7:30PM - 9:00PM

White Noise Records
Hong Kong, Prince Edward, Shanghai St, 720號1/F