Jane Nicola Douglas

Known as “One Woman and Her Guitar,” Jane Nicola Douglas Is a Soul Folk Artist travelling the globe! She has independently released 5 music albums.

Jane Nicola Douglas was born in Redbridge, UK and grew up in the county of Somerset. She graduated from Middlesex University with a B.A. Honors in Music and an ABRSM distinction in classical guitar. She took an LTCL in Music Education with Trinity Music. Later she studied for a Postgraduate Diploma in Music Therapy at Anglia University and a Postgraduate Education Certificate at Dundee University.

Her new music album "Oh Child" is due out in July 2017.

Since 1999, Jane independently released four albums "Stacey-J. Douglas" 1999, "Communal Envy," 2002, "Decade of Camoflague" 2009 and "From China" 2012. Jane performs as a solo soul-folk roots artist, she has gigged in China, Singapore and Hong Kong as well as throughout the UK. In 2016, Jane officially changed her artist name from Stacey-Jane Douglas to Jane Nicola Douglas (Her original childhood name).

"Living in and traveling in and out of different countries has fascinated and intrigued me and the past eight years have been incredible! I've learnt so much from my travels, meeting so many new people and it's been the catalyst to me writing and creating new songs and works."

"I love performing live, the buzz before going on stage, reliving the words and the experience of the song as if the experience has just happened. I've been lucky to work with passionate musicians and artists, plus do a lot of solo work too!"

Jane has an active interest in alternative therapies/global and creative art forms/meditation which led her to study Music Therapy and Childhood Education, this also inspired her to to use meditative and guided writing processes and techniques in her song-writing and solo/ensemble performances. Jane has had articles published in The Stage, The Gleaner, Traditional Music Maker, The Guitarist Mag. She has received radio play in the UK and been independently reviewed by music journalist Peter Doggett. Jane has gigged alongside Tony Remy, Jacqueline Dankworth (UK), Sonja Kristina (Curved Air Singer UK), Valerie Etienne, The Buttermountain Boys, Keith Waite. Jane has also taught Music and English in a range of schools and universities in China (Shaoxing, Ningbo), Singapore and Hong Kong. In addition to her new CD "Oh Child," she has also developed a series of community songs, a reflective poetry set and stories for young children exploring the subtle aspects of culture and transracial adoption.

(quoted from facebook page)


Past Gigs

7 Apr 2018 (Sat) 6:00PM - 1:00AM

The Wanch
54 Jaffe Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong